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Another Day in Futile Battle Against the 2nd Law, The Great Bear
mixed media, dimensions variable, installation shot, gallery 1,

Ursa Major, Theta, drum stand, soda bottle, glass and chalk

Ursa Major, Dubhe, trypod, dish rack, plates and chalk

Ursa Major, Miza and Alcor, chair base, splash protectors,flexible cable and chalk

Deep Field posters, A1 prints, edition of 500, 2016

Appendage to See the Sun, Timber and fixings, 2016

Gran Sasso, bronze cast, threaded steel bar, crucible, 2016




another day in futile battle against the 2nd law 2016

Millennium Court Arts Centre ,Portadown,
curated by J. Baker

The Second Law of Thermodynamics States that whenever energy is transformed from one form to another form, entropy increases and energy decreases.

The work for this exhibition falls under the 2nd law. It consists of a sculptural installation and some new animations pieces, all of which explore in different ways how a lay-person struggles to understand scientific concepts. It has been made with the support of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. The installation explores stellar distances by spatially imagining the constellation the Great Bear, using precariously balanced and placed found objects.  

The animation Vastness  (Meteor Showers) is a reflection on time and the nature of predictable and unpredictable events.  The animation, Slices of Time (some questions), tracks conversations on subjects ranging from infinity, inflation the big bang and stellar distributions with astronomer Simon Jeffery.

With special thanks to Emeritus Prof. Mark Bailey and to Simon Jeffery of Armagh Observatory.

Sound track for Vastness  (Meteor Showers) Boris Völt, courtesy of TONN Recordings.

Supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Another Day in Futile Battle Against the 2nd Law, Ursa Major, detail

Ursa Major, Dubhe, detail. trypod, dish rack, plates and chalk

Ursa Major 23 UMa, trypod, speaker and chalk

Ursa Major, Chi UMa

Vastness (Meteor Showers) animation, 14 min 20 sec, 2016
Special thanks to Mark Bailey .of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium . Soundtrack Boris Völt, courtesy TONN Recordings

Slices of Time (Some Questions), animation 10 min 48 sec, 2016
Special thanks to Simon Jeffery.of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

Transit, animation, 1 min 7 sec, 2016
Special thanks to John McFarland.of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium