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Installation shot, cardboard corn exchange

Detail, gargoyle on cardboard corn exchange

Detail, gargoyle on cardboard corn exchange




the ards rough tour 2006

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'the ards rough tour' is a project developed from research into contemporary vernacular information about the historic town of Newtownards, located 20 min from Belfast.

The work consists of a cardboard sculptural of the Old Cross, Aa landmatk that marked the former Ja cobean cenytre of the town. This model was shown with a animated projection which told a series of the stories about various landmarks arond the town. These stories were highlights from the Arts Rough Tour, an alternative contemporary tour of the town designed and delivered in collaboration with local historian Paul Whitlea.

The work is concerned with how people describe their locality and use local knowledge to navigate the urban environment.

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The Ards Rough Tour, conducted by Paul Whitlea

The Ards Rough Tour