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Mayday, walking on The Mall

The preformers pose in John Butler's yard

Dancing in John Butler's yard

Maypole Dancing, Armagh Observatory

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some things about armagh: (or so i’m told) 2008

regenerate artist in residence, armagh city
mayday event, the mall, john bulter's house and armagh observatory, may 2008

Some Things About Armagh was a collaboration with local residents and Armagh City and District Council and the Armgh Rhymers. With the help of local residents I gathered place nicknames and contemporary urban anecdotes from around Armagh City.

The nicknames collected are all unofficial place names that people use commonly for places, streets or local landmarks, but which do not appear on city street maps or other official, formal state or city documents. The interest in unofficial information stems from a concern regarding the politics of how place is described at a local level.

A May Day procession took place in Armagh in collaboration with the Armagh Rhymers and 3 city schools, (The Armstrong Primary, St Bridget’s and Mount St Catherine’s). The procession went from the Armstrong School along the Mall where the pupils in hand made masks performed their songs and poetry celebrating everyday aspects of the city for astronomer and climatologist John Butler, before heading up to Armagh Observatory to perform at a site overlooking the city (and the universe).

Entering John Butler's House

Practice, The Armstrong Primary

Maskmaking orkshops with Tracey Gallogly, St Bridget's