aisling o'beirn artist documentation site


Welcome to this Documentation Site.

My work is concerned with the way in which information and space is politicised and how this politicisation is communicated, read and interpreted. Social and political events and the frameworks that they are presented in, be they formal or vernacular, urban or virtual inform this interest.

The work attempts to find formats and story telling strategies that will facilitate possible readings of these politicised arenas. These themes are explored through a variety of means, from sculptural works to site specific installations and urban interventions to web based work. New formats and media continually present themselves, as there are always new contexts to try to read space in a contemporary manner.

This site provides documentation, using images and text, of selected previous projects. The aim of this site is to provide concise visual and written information on my work.

There are 4 main catagories in this site. These are 'gallery works', 'site specific', 'collaborations' and 'other projects'.

The light green link buttons will take you to pages with thumbnails of works from that specific catagory (ie. gallery projects). These link to pages dedicated specifically to different projects (ie. temporary provisions). You can see all projects in a specific catagory by using the navigational arrows found on each page. You can return to the catagories page by clicking the 'home' button, or to a specific catagory (ie site specific) by clicking that button.

These links are to be found on each page. I hope you enjoy this site.