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crucible 2012

in hybrid, redline, boulder, colorado
curated by rian kerrane

The looped animation ‘Crucible’ was made for the show Hybrid where participating artists from Ireland and Boulder, Colorado, USA were asked to respond to each others locations

I have never been to Boulder. I live on a small rock in the Atlantic Ocean hence I know nothing of Boulder as a place except that it is home of two major scientific institutions which monitor the invisible telling us more about the nature of space than place.
The Space Weather Prediction Centre monitors space weather, particularly solar activity, providing predictions and advise as to how it may effect navigation and satellite communication services globally.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is charged with advancing measurement sciences and houses one of the most accurate Cesium clocks in the world enabling precision timing in the relay of satellite information.

I have been making work concerned with space exploration through supportive contact with Armagh Observatory (in Ireland), who are noted for their research into solar physics.

I was interested how these activities, rather than any landmarks in Boulder or Ireland might morph into each other. The animation ‘crucible ‘ made for this show draws on visual imagery suggested by the activities of the two institutions in Boulder.

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