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urban projects:gig rig 2002

golden thread gallery,belfast
curated by gail prentice

Urban projects consists of a series of work derived from interviews with people from Ardoyne and the Bone.

The work is concerned with how people describe their locality and use local knowledge to navigate the urban environment.

A catalogue of the interviews was published to co incide with the exhibition

With thanks to Christine, Connor and Stevie.

GIG RIG, Connor
'' other stuff we're planning to set up is 'Gig Rigs' which are successful.

A.O'B What's a Gig Rig, like a concert?

C.M. It's a big van and the speakers and all. Basically what it is people getting up and having a bit of craic, singing and dancing and then they get prizes for that there so you do. It goes round different streets of Ardoyne so it does. Well last year they had it, first they had it in my street, Etna Dr., then I think it was moved round outside The Shamrock and then up to Cranbrook and then over to The Bone Area.

So basically they move it around to let kids from different streets take part in it. It starts at 2p.m. and then finishes at 6p.m. so everyone can go home and get their tea or whatever. And then at night goes on 'till I think it's half ten. They would have a band on, or a group singing just to keep the people entertained.

I think it's going to be the same streets as last year, because the year before basically what they do is they just keep it in the same streets where everyone can go 'till it.

..It's a big PA system and the put the CD's in and then they get say about 6 or 7 kids up dancing away. Last year we had Kevin McVeigh who was the 'resident DJ' as we would call him and he was passing the mike around 'till al the kids and they got prizes and all. I think it was someone from the senior committee who first started it off. '' .Connor

Mixed media, wood and gesso 2'.3'.8" / 60cm. 90cm.20cm