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planetarium 1998

temple bar atrium gallery, dublin

Planetarium, an installation made specifically for the Temple Bar Gallery Atrium Space, consists of a series of elements suspended in the well of each of the three levels o0f the atrium space. Each level is treated as a different constellation. Level 1 Ursa minor, Level 2 Ursa Major, Level 3 Orion. Each ' star ' consists of an open book and the plant Wandering Sailor planted in a particular container. These elements rest on an individually made wire mesh.

Variation on the imagery in the books and in the types of components used allows for a dialogue to be established within each unit as well as creating dialogue across the ' constellations '. These suspended elements collectively create a system.

The constellations are a format for presenting and binding the visual information. The separate pieces of visual information (containers and imagery in books) come together to create a possible narrative. The constellations present us with ' a point of view, that is ever changing according to ones location in the system.

The atriums' corridors also play host to a series of specifically placed referential images that further draw the viewer around the space, encouraging them to engage with the architecture.