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tent 1995

arcadia, north st arcade, belfast and celje museum, celje

Tent is the actual size and dimensions of a two-person tent. It is made from copper wire, knotted using a fisherman's knot. In effect,a spatial drawing.

It is an attempt to outline an ephemeral, architectural space, which exists as both a drawing and an object. It was envisaged as a type of hypothetical space, which could open up debate around the role of objects and buildings and their social placement.

This piece was shown in an arcade that had gone into decline.It served more as a sheltered thoroughfare between streets than a place of commerce. Many of the units were empty and those still trading catered for specialist needs a wig maker, a tattoist, a cobbler etc.

The type of imagery found in the arcade existed in the realm between space and its' potential. A copper wire tent in a semi-disused arcade became another element in this bizzare context.

Media, copper wire
4'.5'.5'. / 120cm. 150cm.150cm