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tidal 2000

start, scotch quay

Tidal is located between the tidal zones on the River Suir. It consists of 12 house like structures, whose roofs are made up of open ring binders. The 12 ring binder roofs collectively host, in the form of a tiled image, a tract from the Charles the First Charter of 1626 bequeathing the land and waters around Waterford to Lord Waterford.

This archaic tract describes the territory as being enclosed by townlands. The other side consists of a map of the environs of Waterford. Responsibility and ownership for the River Suir changes according to the tidal depth. A tidal river is an ephemeral territory, a point where constantly moving fresh water meets salt water. It is difficult to quantify. It is an interesting metaphor for the entropy that permeates many current issues.

This piece uses a variety of visual devices. A map, a legally binding, ludicrously vague piece of text, a bizarre 'settlement' of ' houses' and a tidal zone site constitute an effort to look at how these issues of territory permeate so many situations.

The houses become structures that don't require planning permission. Their location and the tide's action upon them, could be seen to reference rezoning, housing and settlement policies.

The colonial issues raised by the 1626 Charter still abound. Rigid efforts to define and allocate territory remain in existence.

Mixed media, laminated inkjet prints on ring binders
10'.10'.4'./ 300cm. 300cm. 120cm