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Waterworks Park and Improbable landmarks animation, Installation shot

Waterworks Park, Acoustic foam, plastic plants




improbable landmarks 2010

belfast exposed, belfast
curated by karen downey

'Improbable Landmarks' is a body of work, which acts as a close reading of parts of North Belfast. The work uses Belfast Exposed’s extensive archive as a starting point. Elements in the installation include an acoustic foam model of the Waterworks Park a very recognisable city landmark accompanied by a video, an animations and a ‘script’ drawn from the archive.

The park is a complex site with various layers of activity and users from families to fishermen to dog walkers to glue sniffers, which can render it idyllic or threatening depending on the time of day. The flash animation comprises of drawings made mainly from the anonymous images found in the archive but also includes some of the artist’s own photographs. Imagery includes domestic spaces, sites no longer in existence and incomplete sites. The script, in the form of a wall banner, makes reference to how Belfast Exposed archive is catalogued.

Waterworks Park, detail

Video detail