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Installation shot, objects, gallery 2

Installation shot, cannon, gallery 1

Walkers Monument, card model, gallery 1

Katherina's Superdome, card model, gallery 1




....and other storys 2006

curated by colin darke and maoliosa o' boyle

..and other storys is a body of work derived from an ongoing collection of urban anecdotes and place nicknames collected from a variety of cities over a number of years.

The work consists of a selection of cardboard sculptural models of various landmarks whose stories talk about the politics of place. These models are shown with an animated projection which tells the story behind each object. A projection of Derry place nicknames shown in the form of scrolling text like cinema credits was shown in the second gallery along with a cardboard model of a cannon from Derry'ds Walls.

The work is concerned with how people describe their locality and use local knowledge to navigate the urban environment.

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Bikers and Vultures, card model, gallery 1

Roaring Hannah, card model, gallery 1