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Installation shot

Dark Matter, 1,000 cocktail sticks

Dark Matter, composite drawing





dark matter 2007

the third space, belfast
curated by hugh mulholland

Approximately 90% of the Universe’s matter remains as yet undetected, physicists speculate that this undetectable matter, which they labelled ‘dark matter’ as it does not emit light, must exist in order to account for the universe’s current structure.

The distribution of this ‘dark matter’ in the universe was recently depicted in a 3D computer model. At the same time approximately 40,000 tons of space junk orbit the earth, left over from rocket launches and space missions over the last 50 years. This matter is constantly monitored by scientists as the re entry of any of these particles into earth’s atmosphere could have catastrophic consequences.

Like the speculations over ‘dark matter’, and the concerns over space debris this drawing installation attempts to present a series of theoretical but narrative spaces that convey the humour and irony of such scientific investigations into space.

The launch of the book ‘Or So I’m Told’ coincided with the opening of this exhibition

Animation at bottom of page

Dark Matter, detail

Dark Matter, composite drawing, detail

Space Debris, Animation