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describe 1998

FIX catalyst arts, belfast and intermedia, cork

Describe was a live event that involved me rendering visable studio based activity. The piece was seen as an event that allowed the viewer to come and go through the duration of the six hour performance.

My aim was to transform a space into a working enviornment that examined looking at built structures and their raison d'etre. I was engaged in casting a series of plaster objects from such elements as paint trays, drains, drain junctions etc. This activity was happening against a backdrop of projected negative images of buildings and structures in various stages of construction / deconstruction. The projection engulfed the entire space resulting in the 'workshop' activity becoming a physical part of the projected image.

The aim of the work was not to be thearetical, but to present a body of visual information and activities which could be brought toeghter in a particular format. The piece also attempted to view activity ( in this case ritualised work ) in a selection of a built enviornments. This hopefully opened up oppertunity for debate on the nature of activity and context. Describe resulted in a six hour event and a series of plaster cast ' byproducts ' after the event.

6hr live work making plastercasts against backdrop of projected slides.