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still bouyant 1993
catalyst arts, belfast

Still Bouyant covered the entire floor of the gallery, consisting of hundreds of paper boats placed about 1ft. apart . Each is made of a single sheet of the newspaper La. The boats were dipped in wax.

The work is an examination of the methods in which information is presented and recieved.

The newspapers underwent another editing process since they left the printing press. They were taken apart and folded into boat shapes,rendering the text and images undecipherable in the usual sense. The folding has reassembled the information. However, dipping the boats in wax made them translusant, wheron material on both sides of the sheets can be seen layered, one snippit of information over the next.

None of the facts have changed essentially.The floor of the gallery is awash with information, it is just a matter of making the effort to pick ones way through it.

Media, folded paper boatscovered in wax
20'.30' / 600cm.900cm